In a Nutshell:

  • Friendly people will greet you when you walk in
  • You can drop off children at our kids check-in
  • Our live band will play several worship songs followed by prayer
  • Our pastor will give a gospel centered message
  • You will have the opportunity to take communion and worship with one more song
Sit wherever you feel comfortable. The band kicks off the service with a high-energy song; their passion for God is pretty contagious, so feel free to dance, clap, sing or just stand there and meditate on the words. The words to the music and any Scripture used during the service will be on the projection screen for you to follow. There will be some announcements, maybe video, sometimes a special guest, and possibly a few unexpected surprises.
We do not have any fancy dress code. Most people dress pretty casual, but you will see a wide spectrum when you come. Jeans and a t-shirt would be fine, but feel free to dress nicely if the heart behind it is honoring God.
Once you walk through the front doors, you’ll be met by friendly volunteers ready to serve you or answer any questions you might have. They will help guide you to nursery area, the information tables, and to the area where the service will be held. They are there for you, so feel free to ask questions!
At Crossview, we encourage families to stay together during the whole service. A little bit of noise during the service will not bother anyone. But if it would serve you and your family better, nursery and Children’s Church check-in is available. All of our volunteers are required to have a background check and have been cleared and deemed safe to work with your children. We also take every precaution to insure that your child is in a clean and germ free environment by washing all of the toys and sanitizing often. When you register your child at the check in desk, you will receive a number. Please do not lose this number as it will be the only way to pick up your child. Should we need your assistance, we will place that number on the projection screen in the service so you can slip out and attend to your child
Each week you will hear a message from one of our pastors. They are all passionate about how the Bible leads us into truth and are always giving practical Biblical wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives. Here at Crossview we seek to teach the Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse. So, you will usually find us in the middle of a series on one of the books of the Bible. Don’t worry though, all of the messages are recorded and posted on the website, so you can catch up. We trust that these messages will help you develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and give you a strong biblical foundation for your life.
We celebrate communion every week and we do so in a way that may be a little different then what you are used to. At the conclusion of the message someone will come forward and share about the Lord’s Supper and then invite those that wish to partake, to come forward at their leisure. There is no formality to it, simply go forward when you are ready and take communion. During this time the band will play through one more song and we will worship together.